Digital Sheron

Digital Sheron Spells R Us: Digital Domains
She loves spending her afternoons with Alice, who, after their experiences at Atomic Mobile, found a way to be together all the time. She tries to take care of her but often gets carried away quickly by the situations.


Spells R Us: Digital Domains #4

Dreadoron is defeated, no cheat codes required! Victorious, Alice finds a cache of powerups in this castle-busting final issue!

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Spa Servant
Her in-game avatar is a Pangolin who works for the villain of the videogame. She tries to be bad, but she doesn't always succeed.
Spa Servant Spells R Us: Digital Domains
Digital Alice
Alice enjoys her free time and spending the day with her "friend" Sheron. She is a big fan of video games and is very skilled, as well as intelligent.
Digital Alice Spells R Us: Digital Domains

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Spells R Us: Digital Domains

Get transported to a 16-bit world! Traveling through a series of classic videogame-inspired levels, Alice races to rescue Sheron from the evil Dreadoron!

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