Donations Accepted

Jessica visits a mysterious downtown clinic to repay a debt and make a special donation on her eighteenth birthday.


Jessica is a girl who has survived and remained strong through tragedy. She lost her parents at a young age, and she always remembers the day they first told her that she was in their life thanks to someone who donated an egg for couples unable to conceive. Since the day she lost them she promised that as soon as she reached the age of eighteen she would repay that debt and make a donation of her own. She only wants to help someone else seeking to become a parent realize that dream.

Unfortunately, the clinic where her parents went is no longer around. The one she comes to on the day of her donation seems to be in a seedy part of town and the looks she gets outside the clinic set her on edge. Worse still, when she enters the Blessed Body Clinic, she finds the place empty, with no reception desk. Distracted by the strange stomach pains she has been having since they sent her some pills to take in preparing to donate, Jessica finds herself in the restroom overhearing the most bizarre conversation between a mother and daughter.

From there on, Jessica goes deeper and deeper into the bizarre inner workings of a clinic that doesn’t just accept donations, it changes the donors and makes them more willing, more capable of donating, and in the end, Jessica may just be more enthusiastic than ever about making someone a father.

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