Red Tab: Tourist Trip

A corporate spy finds himself sampling the giantess-dream inducing hallucinogen code named "Red Tab," getting more than he bargained for.


Hector, an up and coming agent in the world of corporate espionage, is given the task of acquiring the chemical successor of “the Red Pill.” But when he is tricked into using them himself, he quickly finds himself — and the ladies around him– way over his head. Guided, and tormented, by his contact drug dealer, Erica, Hector is thrown into a bizarro-world where his mind can control everything, if he can only stop being so distracted by the growing woman before him!

Official Publisher's Review

While not necessarily a successor or sequel to the comic “Red Pill,” Red Tab draws on many of the same troupes. It is an exploration of the mind, and the power of suggestion. There is a healthy degree of breast, ass, and leg expansion, as well as power play. Hector finds himself on the ropes, his overwhelming blend of lust and fear allowing for Erica to grow to massive proportions.

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