Master PC: Greek Drama

The master invites YOU to a party at the Delta Delta Delta sorority!


Something is up at the Mu Mu fraternity, and this time it’s not just because of Bjorn’s surfing for porn again. No, Dave, Bjorn, and Steve have found Master PC, and they are not afraid to use it. Already they have taken the obvious first steps, not so nerdy bodies, and now embark on stage two: the cheerleaders and other members of the babe clique by arranging a party at the Delta Delta Delta sorority. And what is Steve’s ulterior motive? Is it simple vengeance on the girl who told him no or is it something more? Into this maelstrom come Monica and Penny. Invited by a classmate out-of-the-blue to a party that could really help their social lives, not that Monica has time for one with her course load and all. What does Steve have planned for them? And who is this Willard that has the Mu Mu boys so worried? William Pratt applies his demented mind to JR Parz’s classic Master PC Universe. Sure, he’s done it before, but never in so visual a format so this time he’s really cranked it up!

Official Publisher's Review

William Pratt brings you his disturbed view of JR Parz’s classic Master PC Universe. That means no cyber ninjas, no sparkling vampires, and no-one comes out with less than a D-cup. OK. That’s not entirely true. No boobs on the guys. Sorry. Maybe next time. Mr. Pratt, Bill to his friends, has been at this for a while and it shows. He starts fast. The story gets its first busty nymphomaniac on page three and, after a brief interlude to introduce Bill’s new friends Penny and Monica, the next stop is some action and adventure as the girls travel into the belly of the beast: a party at the Delta Delta Delta sorority house. Triple Dee is home of the lowest grades and hottest bodies on campus, and a trap set by the nefarious head of the Mu Mu Fraternity. A trap that, once caught, the victims can’t help but enjoy. They literally have no other option. The nerds of Mu Mu have Master PC. They control the bimbo sorority. And for some reason they want Penny and Monica. Can the girls escape with their intellect intact or will they spend the rest of their lives as Triple-Dee bimbo-sluts? And who is this Willard that has Mu Mu so worried?

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