Boss Bitch: Lifechanging Advertising

André's marketing firm just got a huge client-- LifeChanger, a new personality-modifying armband. Maybe trying it in the office wasn't such a good idea


Everyone knows you can’t sell a product until you’ve tried it yourself. So when LifeChanger armbands are unleashed on André’s office, it seems like a reasonable practice. That is until his timid secretary goes full-bimbo sexpot and his graphic designer is leaning more into the graphic details of her escapades. All the while André’s Boss Bitch, Heather, looms over the scene. Though it’s only a matter of time until she joins the fray herself.

Official Publisher's Review

Directly from the Ideas Section, Boss Bitch plays with the versatility of personality modification. Submissive women become hungry for sex, domineering women purr like kittens. All the while André feels like he might be in over his head. This chapter includes BE, height growth, hip growth, general bimbofication, threesomes, boss-employee relations, and a healthy dose of voyeurism.

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