The Ultimate Con

When conman Pete Nochio lies about his daughter, it isn't his nose that grows.


Pete Nochio is a career conman, smalltime mostly, and his lies have cost him a heft price in life, most notably all of his family save the beautiful daughter Dani. He is practiced at the art of the lie, always putting on a confident and trusting grin to win over unsuspecting fools and quickly separate them from their money. When the opportunity arises to pull the ultimate con, Pete can’t resist putting on all the charm. However a simple con turns into one that involves a lie like none other. In order to win over a corporate stooge who has had a car break down in the perfect place at the perfect time, Pete embellishes his beautiful daughter, claiming her to have a talent, one where she can change the size of her bust to any size imaginable. This talent gets Pete and Dani an interview in the big city, but from there the con takes a decidedly downward turn. These are men one doesn’t mess with and they have a plan for everything. Dani will be secured in luxury accomodations for three nights and each night she will be given a size to achieve. The room comes with computer access, but only to the artificial intelligence system within this towering company. Can Dani pull off her own con, one against a computer system controlling the door locks? Can Pete somehow escape without being brought up on charges? And just who is really conning who? The ending will surprise you as this is one lie that grows out of control!.

Official Publisher's Review

The Ultimate Con is a story about lying, and how one can grow quickly out of control. In this story we are introduced to a character by the name of Pete Nochio, his name intentionally similar to the famous puppet whose lying caused his nose to grow. With one lie, things will grow, but Pete may end up being the puppet in this tale.

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