Bad Chemistry

Jeff hits the jackpot when he chats up the curviest girl at the bar, but is he as lucky as he thinks?


Jeff needs to get over his ex-girlfriend. His friend dragged him out to the bar in an attempt to cheer him up and get him back into the dating scene. Reluctantly, Jeff agrees to chat up the next girl who walks in, without knowing what to expect. Suddenly, Vanessa arrives at the bar, and Jeff has no choice but to take a chance on this busty hourglass dream girl! Things go well, and it seems like Jeff is in for a wild night of fun! Little does he know, outlandish curves like that don’t come naturally, and Vanessa has a few dark things in mind for their time together!

Official Publisher's Review

Bad Chemistry has the classic setup of a down on his luck guy who gets pushed outside his comfort zone by his best friend. We’ve all been there, and it’s good to take a chance…most of the time! This story is quickly turned upside down when the pair gets back to Vanessa’s place. With a bit of bondage and female domination, Vanessa recounts to Jeff just how she developed her monster curves, right before he gets a surprise of his own! Jeff learns the hard way that you should probably get to know a girl before jumping the gun! Also, a big shout out to Post, our new artist that is making his debut with us!

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      1. For me I wasn’t invested in any of the current character 3 except for the woman transforming everyone . Within her position in chapter 3 she had no obstacles. So I had little to no concern for people shown here .The mass out break is becoming a little redundant to for the site as well . And nothing is wrong with the idea but it how it is done . So the execution of the idea here in chapter 3 just wasn’t new enough for me .

        The first two issues were cool . The crazy nymphomaniac seductress was fun , cool, and new idea wise . I am curious to what is going to happen to the guy from the first chapter . Is her going to die ? Is he going to suffer from erectile disfunction with a mass wanger [lol]? And what type of possible redemption will he seek ?

        Side note : I like the big boobs resting on the table .

        1. This is the hard part about writing erotica! Some readers enjoy character-driven stories and the situations that arise with expanding body parts. Others prefer their erotic comics to get right to the point with lots of expansion and sex, and don’t really care about a plot. Me personally, I wish I had the space to write more stories that have pauses between expansion scenes as characters adjusts to their new circumstances, but these are often less popular issues. Often page limits and having a small number of issues limit what can be done with a theme. The best thing you can do is provide feedback here, because we do want to hear what our readers are interested in! PS: Jeff and his new monster cock will be just fine. As you saw, Vanessa just uses people and ditches them once she’s bored or has no further use for them as test subjects. Jeff was just another guinea pig to her!

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