Tall Tales

Simone loves to tell tales, like her gramps. Her friend Allie notices they have a commonly tall element to them.



Official Publisher's Review

Simone and Allie are high school friends who share a lot, most notably an enjoyment for stories. Where Simone has always had a knack for telling them, Allie likes to listen and as Simone says, the stories are always ways of better confronting life’s problems. As the story says, how one faces difficulties is often what makes them the bigger person, but where Allie deals with others making fun of her for being big, Simone might just be the bigger of the two.

Simone is easygoing and casual about most things, lessons learned from her gramps, a man Allie never met but one she has heard a lot about through the tall tales that Simone shares. These tales are tall in more ways than one. They share a lesson and a sense of humor but mostly they all share an obvious trait of women grown into giants.

Are the stories all fiction and for fun or is Simone hiding a bigger secret than even Allie could guess?

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