ISBN Number

ISBNs are the global standard for book identification

Why an ISBN?

Graphic novels are novels and require ISBNs to be properly found and purchased outside of Botcomics’ website.

The ISBN is a unique 13-digit identifier for your comic that specifies its format, edition, and publisher. All ISBNs follow a standard format, beginning in 978 or 979, followed by digits that identify the country or region, then digits that identify the publisher. Since our comics are published in the United States and Botcomics’ publisher imprint is 68484, your ISBN will have the following format: 978-1-68484-XXX-X. The last 4 digits identify your comic.

The ISBN does not create an automatic copyright for your comic. To secure your copyright, we register your comic with the U.S. copyright office. However, comics that include an ISBN have an advantage over those that do not.

Your Comic Needs an ISBN

Botcomics is one of the only online adult comic publishers that actively acquires ISBNs for all our titles and submits them to third party sales channels — even when those sales channels compete with us directly. While we want to be customers’ preferred outlet for adult comics, we do not require them to purchase our titles through our store. The ISBN number allows our comics to be sold anywhere ebooks are sold.



  • No, that is false. All graphic novels have ISBNs. Only comics that will be published exclusively as serials (and not offered for sale as a completed graphic novel) do not need ISBNs. Since Botcomics offers all our comic series for sale in graphic novel form, we assign ISBNs to all our comics as soon as they are available for sale in graphic novel format.
  • Botcomics will reserve the ISBN number for your comic at the beginning of its run and assign it internally. The number will be communicated to retailers as soon as your comic finishes its run and is available for sale in graphic novel format.