Comic Author Royalties

95%. The Comic Industry’s Highest Royalty.


The End of Self Publishing For Adult Comics

Botcomics has made self-publishing adult comics obsolete with an outsized 95% author royalty.

For just 5% of your comic’s online sales, Botcomics offers an unprecedented suite of services to authors who choose to exclusively publish their comics digitally with Botcomics.

Botcomics Publishing Self-Publishing
Sales on ✓ 95% of Sales ✘ 50% of Sales
Editor ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
ISBN Number ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
Copyright Enforcement ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
Registration With The U.S. Copyright Office ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
Sales on Affiliate Sites ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
Extensive Marketing Campaign ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense
Submission to Books in Print ® ✓ Included ✘ Your Expense

Author Royalties FAQ

  • We acquire exclusive digital publishing rights only. We do not require you to cede print rights, movie or TV rights, rights to derivative works, rights to your original characters, etc.
  • When you publish your comic with Botcomics, you are only ceding electronic publishing rights for one specific comic run that you publish with us and in return you get an 95% royalty, the highest in the industry.
  • Yes, we offer a self publisher program, where we sell a Botcomics Edition of your content on our webstore.
  • However, since we are not the publisher of record for your other editions, we won’t be able to fully market your title through our third party distribution channels, enforce your copyright, or any of the other services we normally provide to the authors who publish exclusively with us.
  • We create a Botcomics Edition of your work to be published on our website with our cover stamp and branding. You will provide us a non-exclusive license to publish your work as a Botcomics Edition.
  • You can continue to publish the other editions of your work on your own elsewhere without using the Botcomics trademarks.
  • This depends 100% on the decision of author. You can to publish follow-up runs to your comics with us or with any other publisher.
  • We don’t require a right of first refusal, sequel rights, or any other draconian clauses that lock authors into long-term relationships. You can continue to publish future issues with us for as long as it suits you or you can publish just a single title. The decision is yours.
  • It almost always makes sense to choose Botcomics as your publisher of record. Botcomics’ 95% split is the highest royalty in the industry.
  • Even though Botcomics is your publisher, you can continue to market your comic. We encourage you to help us market your comics and to refer your fans to, Amazon, Comixology or our other sales channels to buy your work.
  • For Patreon authors with an existing fan base, we offer you the possibility to upgrade your patrons to a Botcomics membership, expanding their access to 1200+ additional comic chapters for a 50/50 recurring revenue split. In most cases, we can maintain their existing pricing.
  • This depends on the rights you’ve sold to the other publisher. If you have only sold print rights and retained your digital rights, we can work with you.
  • If you’ve only sold on self publishing platforms that do not require an exclusive contract, we can probably work with you going forward. It will depend on the contract you’ve signed. Send us a copy of what you’ve signed and our team will have a look.
  • If you have already sold exclusive digital rights we probably cannot work with you directly, but we may be able to work with your punisher to make your comic available on our store. Ask them to get in touch with us.
  • Botcomics has the most author-friendly payment policy in the industry. We’re proud to pay out our authors monthly instead of quarterly.
  • Every month payments are made for authors who have accumulated earnings for more than $100. If your earnings are less than $100 for the month, your payout will rollover to the next month and will be processed as soon as your author balance exceeds $100.
  • The paysystem we use is based on your monthly earnings:
    • Monthly earnings between $100-5000 are paid via PayPal.
    • Monthly earnings above $5001 are paid via bank transfer using ACH or IBAN.
  • Botcomics does not charge any fees on the payments we make to authors. However, you will be charged a fee by PayPal or by your bank to receive our payment and we do not reimburse your bank fees.
  • We do not offer payments in crypto. No exceptions are made to this policy.