Cashforge is gone 💰

During the last year, we transformed our business and the CashForge affiliate program died during that transition.

Don’t worry, it isn’t a bad thing. This change was our chance to launch a new and improved Botcomics Affiliate Program with no changes to your existing commissions (50% revenue share) or conditions.

We decided to integrate all our systems into one to simplify and improve user experience, including customers and affiliates.

Our goal for this new affiliate program is for both of us to grow together, as true partners.

If you are a former Cashforge Affiliate, we want to invite you to join our new Botcomics Affiliate Program.  Let’s summarize the new features. If you are still using CashForge linkcodes, please read with attention because your action is required!

New features

  1. Weekly Marketing Materials: We add high-resolution marketing materials every week so you can promote the new publications on social media with fresh and high-impact images without any additional work. You can choose between softcore images for Instagram/Facebook or hardcore/explicit images for porn-friendly networks. Both 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratio images are added every week.
  2. On-Demand Custom Designs: Our marketing team will prepare any design you require within a 48-hour time span so nothing holds you back from monetizing your traffic and growing with us.
  3. One user to rule them all: Seamlessly integrated with Botcomics. No additional registration is required, just your Botcomics account.
  4. All-in-one Dashboard:  All your info as an affiliate on the same dashboard. You can access all the information to promote our products and track the results in a clean dashboard.
    1. Promotional Tools
    2. Statistics
    3. Keyword/Landing Page Tracking
    4. Earnings Payouts History
    5. HelpDesk

What happens with the old accounts?

  1. CCBill Legacy Affiliates: You can choose to use PayPal as a payout method or you can keep using CCBill if it’s better for you to consolidate earnings from other programs. You can still use all our Promotional Tools but you should configure them manually with your CCBill Affiliate links.
  2. CashForge Legacy Affiliates: CashForge has been decommissioned. If you are still using the CashForge old link codes, you should move to the new system immediately and replace all the links.

Please check out our Affiliate Program microsite for more information.