After tiring of hearing one-too-many arguments through her apartment wall, a witch opts to curse the two college roommates of her neighboring apartment. The curse was simple: the occupants will soon begin to change based on the insults and rumours they say about each other. Unbeknownst to the two girls next door, their argument continued…

As far as the Witch could make out, the petite blonde Dina was annoyed that the curvy Goth Dina had used her “huge porn star tits” to flirt with her boyfriend. Cassie, on the other hand, asked why the blonde was “always so obsessed with (her) tits?”

The curse took hold within moments. Cassie’s new assets exploded out of her top and Dina seeming a little too pleased to come face-to-bust with her unintentional handiwork. They may not be arguing anymore, but judging from the noises still coming through the wall, the Witch might not be in for a quiet night after all!

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7 Responses

  1. A nice concept, are the two roommates at all aware of what their words doing to the other however? I mean depending on that you have the inevitable freak out as they wonder what happened perhaps followed by them realizing the correlation between what they say and the others transformations. Then you have the scenarios of
    1)the first to realize makes a statement that seals the others mouth to give them total control
    2) both thinking they realized it first they immediately seal each others means of speaking making whatever may be done potentially permanent
    3) they begin a vindictive war with each other making the other more and more exaggerated until one or both are incapacitated.
    4) they start vindictive till one realizes this is a losing game, declares a truce and the two go from beating the other down to making each other over as sex gods, provided they can reverse previous changes. If they are can only alter previous ones it comes down to making the best of what was done to each other .

    If this goes anywhere in giantess area, the witch may end up regretting her curse if they bring the wall separating the apartments down in their growth if not a portion of the apartment building itself, meaning of course they will never get their security deposit back 🙂

    that could be another potential end point for this the witch struggling or trying to in haste in the end reverse the curse before they destroy the building, otherwise the noise simply going from arguing to the constant moans and screams of intercourse next door could be worse, perhaps in the end the witch realizes she should have cast a silence spell on the wall instead or figures if she can’t stop them join them and begins to enhance her own figure.

    If the two remain unaware then the witch can perhaps sit back and pick her moment to break the spell after the other two have perhaps reduced themselves to the point of being inanimate objects or gain husbands and age where they alter reality to the point where neither lives in the apartment any longer leaving the apartment in vacant and up for lease for the next potential victim to move in.

  2. I see it as a combination of points 3 and 4.

    At first the girls are unaware of their curse and inadvertently change each as per the brief above. However they soon understand how their curse works and begin to use it to their own advantage, Dina gives herself a dream body but accidentally becomes a obsessed “bimbo” whilst Cassie attempts to fix things but inadvertently changes several neighbours.

    The witch has her own motivations and sees only the girls as playthings.

    1. The comment that they change the neighbors is interesting, from the initial idea one could infer that the spell only affects the Dina and Cassie and one can only affect the other. Your now expanding on that they can effect changes on themselves but also other residents of the apartment building. I don’t see a problem story wise with the latter, in fact it opens all sorts of fun possibilities of the two getting petty revenge on neighbors they themselves found annoying, or just using them as innocent test subjects or starting their transformative war using the boyfriends as proxies. But it does make the question of whether anyone besides the two mains and the witch is aware of any changes done to them or if their memories or perceptions are tweaked so they think they were always like they are after the change. If not a lot of people panicking draws a lot of unwanted attention the witch one assumes would not want and be looking to reverse the curse. Personally I would lean that only the main characters and the witch are aware of changes made via the power of the spell, anyone else treats the transformed like they were always like whatever they have ended up as.

      But I think being able to effect changes on themselves removes some of the interplay that could play out between the two hostile roommates. Otherwise one could simply flee and undo the others changes afterwards. I think going the sort of voodoo route where they can change others but not themselves gives more weight to the two throwing changes at each other as well as needing to work out a truce between themselves before they reach a point of mutual destruction, so in the end they become partners in crime sealing whatever rift had them arguing at the start. Or at least uneasy allies in a more cold war of magic affecting changes to those around themselves with one making a change and the other reversing it, sort of like the fairies Flora and Merryweather in sleeping beauty and their argument about the dress being pink or blue.

      This opens up the question of whether the Witch thought to protect herself against the power she gives the two as well if they can effect more than each other, could be another potential ending, they take out the witch keeping their powers., where they in effect in the end become a pair of witches in a sense living in the apartment complex.

      1. I have never been a fan of characters being unaware of their changes as I tend to like to see characters reacting to and having to deal with their changes. To counter your point, that having Dina or Cassie able to change themselves would mean they could simply undo what the others changes – I have the idea that the changes brought about by the curse are permanent. After their initial changes to one another Dina changes her self out of jealousy and inadvertently becomes a busty bimbo whilst Cassie attempts to fix her giant boobs but inadvertently makes herself even bigger!The girls then form a truce and discover that their initial original argument was the result of manipulation involving several “friends” who have fed their insecurities for their own end. When Dina finds out, she enacts revenge (using their curse) whilst Cassie attempts to stop her. This will allow for various expansions and transformations to play out whilst also keeping the theme. of the feuding roommates.

        As the stories develop, we also discover The Witch true nature and what she sees as her true goal.

        1. I admit that seeing reactions to changes are fun, but with a concept like this you do need to keep the setting in perspective as well, once the veneer of normalcy is wiped away you have chaos in which your characters are the central point of. If everyone is reacting to their changes it brings up the concept of then how the would then affect the two leads and perhaps hamper things, as well as leave the question of the ending in question. If the intent is to have the two carted off to prison or a lab somewhere it works, but otherwise it as I said just creates chaos.

          Besides you’d still have the reaction factor coming from the two leads to changes they make to each other and the people around them, as they would be aware of the changes that have occurred.

          I can’t see a bimbo Dina being the revenge seeking one, a bimbo I feel wouldn’t be able to maintain the focus needed for revenge.

          You have me curious as to how they find out they were manipulated and for what specific reason. I mean own end is sort of open ended, was one of their friends trying to get their boyfriend away from them, did they have some bet which now concluded they as a streaming post about where they see the post? Do they accidently make one of those aware of it unable to lie and get the truth from them?

          The fact you state Cassie makes her boobs bigger by accident and this whole concept reminds me a bit of the movie “Absolutely Everything”, where being specific was also very important.

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