The year is 1700, an expedition funded by a university is venturing deep into the African jungle. Doctor Paterson a botanist is looking for new plants that could have medical properties. He is joined by his colleague Professor Terrance a geologist who is mapping the area. The only other British member of the team is young Victor, he had joined the expedition in Africa hired as a translator between the two men and their African guides and porters. He had lived for many years in Africa.

Terrance is actually looking for gold, hoping to get rich to pay off debts he owes back in England, if he fails to find any he will be forced to stay in Africa to avoid his creditors.

Victor is in fact Victoria, her twin brother had two years ago went missing acting as a translator for another expedition heading to the same area this one now was. She hoped to discover the fate of her brother her only living relative and if luck was with her perhaps find him alive.

They a narrow gap between two mountains that is said to lead to a valley, the locals refuse to go any further, stating that legend states that ‘no man who enters that valley ever leaves’ as Victor translates for the two men. The two men insist on going on, without the locals who make camp at the entrance and say they will wait for them only two weeks.

The three enter and are quickly captured by the native tribe living in the valley and are taken back to their stone city. Both the men and women wear only grass skirts, leaving the native women’s breasts exposed, making both proper British men blush, even Victor blushes as all of the women are very well endowed, her own lack of endowment was how she tricked the two men into thinking her a young man. They are surprised when some of their captors prove able to speak English, saying they are not the first Englishmen they have captured. Victor asks about his brother which has the leader exchange some words with his fellows but in a local dialect that Victor can only make out one word of three of.

The three are stripped of their belongings and clothing, given the same grass skirts as the locals, thus revealing Victoria’s true gender to the two men and confined to one of the stone houses. They are fed a bowl of milk with herbs floating in it, none can figure what animal provided the milk, they saw no cattle or goats when brought into the village.

All three become worried as days pass, knowing their local guides could change their minds and leave without them, their days have been kept busy weaving baskets, cooking and other tasks to keep their hands busy. They put up no resistance in hopes that by showing they are friendly they may be released or at least create a chance for escape if watch on them is relaxed. Something seems to be happening to them, Victoria finds her breasts seem to be growing in size and her ass and hips expanding, even her hair which she had cut short to pretend to be male seemed to be growing out unusually quickly. Meanwhile the two men find their forms becoming softer, the aging Paterson even seems to be becoming more youthful.

One night a local woman quietly leads Victoria from the hut while the two men are sleeping, when morning comes she is very quiet and seems to keep sneaking odd looks at the two men.

As more days pass the two men finally realize what is happening to them. Paterson and Victoria are awaken by Terrances scream, a very feminine scream. The young man has finally put the pieces together as his developing breasts have finally gained enough mass to swing on his chest, his hair has grown unusually quickly. Plus this morning he has found his cock shrunken and his balls and ball-sack have vanished. Paterson soon notes the same changes to himself.

Victoria reveals she knew this was going to happen since a few days past. She had been called from the tent to see the chiefs’ sons’ wife, who turned out to be her missing brother, now her missing twin sister. The transformation was definitely complete in its change of gender as her sister was soon to give birth to her niece or nephew. The two men were also to be assigned husbands from among the village men.

The two protest that they will not go willingly, Victoria states that would be unwise and talks to the local woman in the hut, the three are led out to another hut, inside they find four Caucasian women pregnant and in the midst of an orgy. The locals have other herbs it seems that can reduce the transformed to nymphomaniac breeders if they attempt to escape or not fulfill their female duties. Refusing to consume more is pointless at this point, doing so will only slow the change at this point as they are past the critical point of saturation.

Paterson becomes interested in the herb used to facilitate their transformation, choosing to focus on that to distract himself, he becomes close with the shaman who is knowledgeable about herbs. Learns the milk the herbs soak in is human breast milk.

Terrance seeing no help coming from the other two quietly plans his own escape attempt, he first attempts to take their female tutor who has taught them and watched over them from the start hostage, that fails. Paterson though starting as a fifty year old man is turning into a woman who looks no older than her mid twenties. The transformation has rejuvenating effects and some tribesmen willingly ingest it for the good of the tribe to keep their skills and knowledge in the tribe longer. Their tutor was in fact seventy years old and had once been the most skilled warrior of the tribe, hence why she had been assigned to watch them. Terrance is given a higher dose of the herb making his breasts grow larger. His second and final attempt his greed dooms him, he sneaks away but tries to take a sack of gold jewellery with him, not taking into account his loss of strength due to the transformation he soon tires and the sound of the bags contents jingling and his heavy breathing result in him being caught.

He is brought back to the tent and fed a different herb, immediately Terrance breaks out in a sweat, his lips become bee stung big, his breasts expand as does his ass, his hands bury themselves in her vagina, but no matter how she tries she cannot attain release. Begging for release, three men of the tribe enter and removing their grass skirts provide that relief to all three of her holes.

Victoria has a choice the two men do not, her sister has used her influence so that Victoria may leave if she chooses, but if she does she may never return as she will not be given the chance to leave a second time, if she returns from the valley she will never again see her only living relative or her nieces and nephews. She has only until the two men’s transformations are complete, which will take 3 more days to make up her mind. If she stays Victoria may seek her own choice of husband from among the men of the tribe.

Notes: Not sure if the tribe should also have a herb for making them forget their male lives in place of or together with the nympho herb as a potential punishment or to complete transformation.

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