Freshly Squeezed

Two ladies travel to a remote village where all the women are pleasantly busty. They eat a fruit that has interesting effects.


Two women, Krista and Valerie, travel to the remote village of Boobaya for their final thesis assignment. They are lead by two natives, Martin and Darrien. The two girls have not seen much, at least, nothing that would warrant an A+. The one note Krista has noticed is that all the women of the village have huge breasts. When Krista’s fed up after only seeing some mountains, she asks Martin to show her something worthwhile. Valerie’s more concerned with her increasing hunger. They arrive at their place of stay, and find a bowl of an unknown fruit outside their door. A bowl of fruit that is deathly poisonous to men. Krista eats only a bite while Valerie downs one and a half fruits. This leads to some unexpected events. Featuring breast expansion, plenty of lactation, boobjobs, blowjobs, and good old fashion sex, Freshly Squeezed is a fun, sexy one-shot comic.

Official Publisher's Review

Freshly Squeezed is the debut, one-shot comic from new author SupremeD. The setting, characters are all typical of a growth victim storyline.  The straight and narrow girl with the loud, somewhat slutty friend both alongside the two men who are only there to provide their dicks. The story makes quickly paces past the introduction of characters, location, and your typical setup to quickly get to breast action. Since there is very little dialogue, we quickly get to growth and the growth is focused on with little interruption. The difference between the two girls’ breasts allow for them to be interacted with differently. Right after the growth process is the sex scenes, again quickly reached and with very little interruption. It has it all: boobjobs, blowjobs (with huge dicks by the way), and good old sex. It is a very quick, and to the point comic that is a pleasure and oozes sexy once it needs to.

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