Growin’ Clean

Mariela brings her step-daughter, Sofia, to start earning money cleaning houses. Sofia's curiosity leads to one BIG unexpected result.


Mariela brings her step-daughter, Sofia, with her to work to start earning money cleaning houses. The first house they clean is actually the mansion of a science researcher. Sofia complains the entire time as her step-mother laughs at Sofia’s superficial suffering. When Sofia discovers that her step-mother doesn’t know as much about this researcher as she should and uses it as an opportunity to enter an area that’s restricted. Chaos ensues as things get out of hand in the mysterious scientist’s mansion

Official Publisher's Review

This is SupremeD’s first submission on Giantess Club, and it sure as hell is a BIG one. There’s not just ONE giantess, but TWO! SupremeD’s spend a lot of time focusing on the growing portion of the giantesses and an equal amount of time dedicated to giantess sex. The sex leaves a bit more to be desired, but I know fans of the site will definitely appreciate it. This is a nice one-shot that will not leave giantess fans disappointed.

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