Wish Upon a Star - Springbreakers Tittle

Wish Upon a Star: Spring Breakers

Wish Upon a Star is back! This time, bigger and better than ever. Cum and watch a world filled with ever-growing ladies.


Steve, Demi, and Krista are college friends looking for an epic spring break. Little do they know that cosmic forces are about to affect the world in a BIG way. Demi is the first one (of many) to endure the shooting star’s growth powers. How will Krista and Steve help their growing friend?

Official Publisher's Review

Wish Upon a Star: Spring Breakers is a spin-off of Bob Saget’s Wish Upon a Star: A Giant World Begins. The story explores how the mysterious shooting star affects a different group of people than from the original series and how will affect the unstable relationship between college friends during their spring break. Just like all of Bob’s previous series, this one is no different, featuring a delicious melange of growth, breast expansion, and tons of giantess sex!

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