Genies, Bunnies, Breast Expansion, And More Make T&A A Can’t Miss Experience

T&A lives up to its name by combining riveting tits and ass expansion scenes with a spellbinding story that weaves fantasy elements with slice of life motives.

The story begins with flat-chested geek Cindi working the night shift at the school museum. Upset with her big-breasted frenemies Tina and Andrea because they didn’t get her invited to the big Lambda party, Cindi loses focus and knocks down a shelf of exhibits, leading a jewel to fall into her bag.

Once home, Cindi discovers the jewel and in a fit of panic accidentally summons the genie that lives inside it. With an opportunity to make three wishes, Cindi knows just what she wants—giant tits just like Tina and Andrea. Unfortunately, clumsy wording and a genie with a sense of humor literally turned Tina and Andrea into Cindi’s breasts.

Cindi uses her second wish to turn her breast back into her friends, but again her wish doesn’t work exactly as she imagined. Though Tina and Andrea are themselves again, they retain the sensation and thought process of Cindi’s breast.

Things get even more interesting when Cindi uses her third wish to make her breast large, supple, full, and sensitive, which leads them to lactate with uncontrollable pleasure as Tina and Andrea moan in ecstasy with each rub of Cindi’s nipples. Overcome with desire, Tina and Andrea make love to each other while Cindi lies lactating on the floor, crippled by the sensations of the pair’s intense orgasms.

Basking in her after glow, Tina quips that her breast feel so good she wishes she had another set. As another set of large, perky tits grows under her chest, the group discovers Tina and Andrea can now make wishes too.

With a set of beautiful tits and another shot at making her wishes turn out right, Cindi takes Tina and Andrea around campus in hopes she can use their wishes to get her the ass she’s always wanted.

Just when Cindi decides there are more important things than sex and an ass, she loses control of the situation when the sex crazed Tina wishes Kyra Trill was Cindi’s ass and they where all back on their bed naked and ready for sex.

Now back in the apartment, naked, and with a giant ass, Cindi tries to take back control of the wish-making by writing her wish on a piece of paper, then Tina wishes whatever’s on the paper comes true.

That wish leads Kyra to transform from Cindi’s ass back to herself but with the ability to feel Cindi’s ass’s sensation, which leads to an intense lesbian orgy that inadvertently grants Cindi a big breasted booty.

After an overwhelming amount of orgasmic pleasure, the girls start to feel bad that the genie’s missing out on all the fun, so they wish that she was Cindi’s clit. As well meaning as it is, this wish accidentally makes the girls genies as well, trapping them in the genie’s jewel. With no way out, the surrender themselves to a life of pleasuring each other until they’re freed.

The story continues in T&A Before and After. Head over to The Breast Expansion Story Club to read the full collection of T&A.


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