This is a tie-in story/follow-up to Bimbonic Plague. Due to the nature of the virus that caused the people of the area mutating in the wild, and not being tested for its potential effects on animals and wildlife, there are some rather unexpected changes with the animals in the surrounding area. Wolves, Deer, Bears, local big cats, and a few other wild animals go through a transformation that makes them more humanoid, and surprisingly highly intelligent. The prized bull and stallion at the local farm also experience a shift to being the far more intelligent humanoid beings. Seems the virus has the opposite effect on animals when it comes to the mental adjustments it imposes. That said, all the male animals get the physical part of hyper-treatment by the viral agent and the females all get various female humanoid body types that seem to perfectly complement their base animal body structures, which includes breast sizes, with a few exceptions. Due to their now heightened intelligence all the animals slowly start learning how to speak the language the nearby humans have recently started simplifying or outright butchering in some cases.

That said, the haze of sex effect does get some of the wildlife caught up in boning each other for a few hours. The daughters of the farmer and his wife, who are now a pair of super horny big breasted bimbos with the urge for cock find out prized animals on of the farm, the bull and the stallion, have gone through some erotic changes of their own and are more than willing to submit themselves to the bull and stallion. After coming out of their sex haze the transformed wildlife decides to claim the town, and its residents, for their own.

As you might have guessed, this story will have a lot of Furries, it will also have many of the same kinks expressed in Bimbonic Plague

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2 Responses

  1. The setting and the animals becoming more intelligent and taking over make me think of the novel “Animal Farm”.

    An interesting concept, it does open up the questions of

    1) does sexual relations with the animals cause any further transformations to the humans or the animals? Do the humans take on animal traits or the animals become more human or more intelligent?
    2) would the expected next generations of hybrids or just intelligent animal with intelligent animal produce an even more intelligent offspring where they may be the next intelligent species to claim the earth?
    3) What would the animals stance be towards any non infected humans they come across

    1. The parallel to Animal Farm was unintentional, I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but the questions are also pretty valid. And it would probably be interesting to see the transformed animals are sexually compatible with humans, with the ability to produce hybrids that effectively a new race, and maybe the hybrids are immune to the effects of the virus because how they were produced.

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