The prequel will focus on Sammy’s mother Clara at her time on the ranch in 1990 when she was a freshman in college and she meets Bessy’s mother. (Clara implied to Bessy that she used to have a sexual relationship her mother and other things) we will also get to see Bessy as a little girl (possibly still getting breastfed by her mom) and how the ranch became to be like how the milk they produce turn humans into humand like cows and other stuff that took place at that time.

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  1. I would love to see another story set in the Bessy’s acres’s universe.

    A few thoughts and points.

    If Bessy is getting breast fed and her mother is in cowgirl mode, that would mean she is getting unprocessed milk so she would then be a baby cowgirl then right? If we are including a young Bessy should the aspect of whether male week is meant as a means of the permanent staff getting knocked up to maintain their milk be clarified?

    Its never mentioned but thoughts on making it that Clara maybe met her husband at the farm, on male day perhaps? Or interacting with the baby Bessy convinced Clara she wanted to be a mother some day.

    The story would have to include the milking contest that is mentioned in the original Bessy’s acres.

    If the aspect of how the ranch became how it is is brought up, thoughts on whether the transformation has changed over time? In that did the original formula transform the girls less or more, is there a trend that the farm is ignoring as it doesn’t seem harmful and increases the milk production is the girls are becoming more cow and more busty with every generation. Did it once have a mental effect? I mean it seems at the very least in Bessy arces one could argue it makes the girls more amorous and perhaps bi-sexual, perhaps it once gave a few cow instincts or more bimbo aspects to the transformees?

    Might be fun if as Bessy’s mother was in part of the management of the farm it allowed her and Clara to get away with things that otherwise wouldn’t happen, perhaps they snuck off the farm at Halloween and won a costume contest with their realistic cow girl costumes. Maybe moon lighted as pole dancers at a club? Maybe it was even these sorts of things that convinced the farm to make it so that the cowgirls had whatever they wanted on site so such sneaking off of the cattle no longer occurred and incurred the wrath of the local towns sheriff who could be a potential antagonist for part of the tale. perhaps the sheriff and the farm get tired of the unintended or accidental transformations the two lactating cowgirls seem to leave in their wake that have to be dealt with.

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