It’s approaching finals week at a dark arts school. The professor of magical creature care is presenting one of her infamous lectures to a large seminar, going into details about safety precautions and typical know-how before bringing out her living examples of monsters. The class studiously takes notes on all the creatures, actively interested and engaged by the different beasts presented to them. That is until the final monster is brought out… a gigantic tentacle monster from the ninth realm. It’s extremely dangerous.

A silence falls over the room as the professor cautiously starts pointing out its various features, such as its powerful tentacles, it’s irresistible pheromones, and its intoxicating seeping cum. It’s the perfect breeding machine. Its sole purpose in this dimension is to rape and seek pleasure.

Imagine the students’ combined panic as it’s let out of its cage for a “hands-on” lesson. No one escapes without a little tender, love, and care from the beast.

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