Landor Platnihart, the virtuous Paladin, was supposed to be hailed as the hero who saved the world; he went up against the Demon Lord and won; he and his party were exhausted after the battle, having pushed themselves well beyond the limits they thought they had. They were supposed to be greeted as the heroes they were, praised for freeing the lands from the dark corruption spreading over the land like a blight, but that didn’t happen. The moment they sent back word of their accomplishments, things took a turn for the worse. They were all sent a message they were exiled and would be publicly executed as soon as they were found in the sight of the borders of the lands of the peoples they had worked so hard to save. The Saintess, Valerie Goldstaff, was “relieved” of her position in the church and excommunicated; the Archmage, Raquiel Arcason, was relieved of her positions in all of the magical academia; the crafty Rogue, Melinda Thoughtknife, was informed that all pardons for her alleged crimes would be revoked upon her return and request overturned, this was especially hard-hitting for her because of her desire to just settle down and look after the orphanage she had been raised at in order to give those kids better lives than herself; Jared Bronson, had been the party’s muscle and chef with dreams of establishing affordable dining establishments with high-quality meals all over the lands, he was informed at the same time as his companions that his requests for what was needed to start all that were being reallocated; Glisallia Meadowsong, a Druid of the Elven peoples was told that for the sake of positive diplomatic relations, she must remain away from her homeland, even though she took up the cause because she wished to find new ways to help revitalize her home forest. Klimarna, a member of the dragon tribes and the party’s additional muscle did all this to make sure the lands her people called home would go untouched by other races and was told the only way for that promise to remain true was to keep away from the lands she wished to be there to protect.

All in all, the party was basically betrayed by what they thought was their support network and those that were not betrayed would risk incurring the wrath of the lands that had done the betrayal if they ever tried to cross the boundaries; they would sometimes be forced to enter if they chose to travel via magic. So now, they are all forced to return to the former dark sanctum of the Demon Lord. Upon doing so, the party is all inoculated with the lingering corruptive energies that suffused the place when they stopped to finally rest. This caused them all to transform into terrifying, and sexy, Demons to start the process of new heroes being appointed to take them down. When they awaken, the whole party is the highest-tier demons based on aspects of who and what they were. And Landor is now the new Demon King; the first order of the business for the new party of demons, strip the citadel of everything it has and move into the mountainside Dungeon they had cleared out as heroes a few months prior, less conspicuous and more defensible. Just what will they do now, and why does the former saintess, who is now a Dark Light Demon High Priestess, keep looking at the new Demon King with lustful eyes?

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3 Responses

  1. hmm not a bad storyline, but I can’t help but feel that the exile from their homes following their accomplishments is potentially over complicated to put forth. I mean it does establish a revenge line for things to move forward later, but a reason why for the about face I feel would need to be more clearly communicated. I mean its seems clear this is likely the upper crust refusing to fulfill bargains with the hero and company once the threat of the demon king is gone, but I feel that threats to loved ones or something would need to be added as well because otherwise what real leash do they have on some of the group to prevent those powerful enough to take out the demon king from sneaking back in or following that command? I mean otherwise they would be pissing off a group of people strong enough to take out said demon king with no safety net to protect themselves. Plus how are they communicating their win and getting this bad news back? I can’t help but feel they would shot a messenger carrying that information, not that one would I assume go that deep into demon territory to tell them.

    It may be easier from a story telling perspective to make it so that the hero is that type that is doing this seeking glory rather then the betterment of the land and some final spell from the demon king begins corrupting him and through him his party. With the exile for perhaps violating treaties with the demons by killing their king or something along those lines being the reason for his exile or just their refusal to give him the hero’s dues he thinks he has earned. For some of the others perhaps they are in the process of looting the treasury to fund their own retirement plans and items in there have a corrupting influence on them.

    As to former the saintess lustful eyes well, the demon king I assume will need to rebuild his forces, so perhaps one or two of the female members will become a form of broodmare demoness to pump out new soldiers. Perhaps one of them like a orcess with multiple breasts to feed her brood.

    1. The idea behind the betrayal is that the socio-political elite of those nations, including the upper echelons of the church, saw the members of the hero’s party as threats to their carefully cultivated positions of power, especially after the Demon King and his elites were defeated and slain by said party, so they arranged for things to play out in a way that would ensure their control over the populous. And for that extra gut punch, once the former heroes, now corrupted into powerful demonic entities, finally do make it back to the lands they were banished from in special demonic disguises their new forms allow for, they discover the story the populous was told a total farce about how the heroic party perished due to their mortal wounds that even the Saintess could not heal as a final parting gift by the Demon King and their scouts sent out to find the party after word came back the Demon King had perished arrived to a place between the Demon King’s domain and their own where they were all found dead and to make sure any lingering demonic taint was dealt with, all the bodies were cremated so that the ashes of the heroes could be given to their respective homes to do with as their customs dictated; truth be told, the “Hero’s Ashes” that were parceled to everyone were nothing more those of trees that had to be cleared out because of rot and pest infestation; which is a bit ironic on their part, seeing as the ones responsible are the pests and rot of their respective areas masquerading as something healthy.

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