At the infamous Haven Manor, local teens are always daring each other to go inside and spend the night. Abandoned for years, it’s rumored to be haunted, intensifying its legend. Which suits Madame Boo just fine. She’s the estate’s spirit resident, eagerly possessing anyone who walks through her creaking front door. Taking control of their minds and bodies, not only can she play harmless little pranks, but she can also morph them into whatever shape she pleases, living out her mortal desires. She can’t get herself off while she’s spectral, but there’s more than enough orgasms to go around with all the unsuspecting guests.


Idea by DeLonge

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  1. Not a bad concept.

    The bit with her changing her vessel leaves the question of how permanent the change is. If it sticks then the mansion could also have appeal as a Russian roulette type of wheel route to improved bodies for the local teens as well. They have to suffer some potential humiliation but in the end emerge hotter then before. They just have to worry if the changes will be to extreme.

    Or that could be end game for this, one of the teens strikes the deal that she can buy the place and garentee Madame Boo a steady stream of bodies, she just has to improve them as part of a service they can charge for.

    The only other end game I could see if Madame Boo messing up and getting her vessel pregnant tying her to the new life forcing her to be human and grow up again.

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