Hogan, a foreign-exchange student from Galway, is spending his high school senior year in America. Winding up at a horse ranch, Hogan finds himself hopelessly attracted to his host family: a beautiful mother and daughter. Driven mad by lust, in a brief moment of insanity, he steals a large vial of horse semen from their barn and injects it into his own penis. To his amazement, it instantly makes his balls swell twice as large. Enjoying how big and powerful it makes him feel, he decides to make his cock gulp down a few more vials until his balls are swollen around his knees. But the changes don’t stop there– to his amazement, the next morning, his cock has gone from primate to equine, resembling a horse’s, long and huge! He’s the instant talk of the school, the mysterious foreign exchange student with a massive horse cock! Everybody wants a piece of him, teacher and student alike. But it’s too late that Hogan realizes his impossible anatomy comes with a price. Every woman he enjoys turns up into a sex-starved cow woman desperate for more of his attention. Soon, he has a whole herd of ravenous American cow women hungry for more of him. Can he stay ahead of the madness? What other transformations will catch him off guard? How will his host family react to all the drama he’s brought with him?

Idea by Blue

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