How big can she get? (Inflation, blueberry)

Laura was a young adult tan haired freckle super heroine who had the ability to stretch indefinitely. She had done great feats of courage despite her amateur career. However, her greatest nemesis was the insane Dr. Candy a villainess who did crimes with insane candy gimmicks. From encasing the police station in rock candy, Filling the town’s water reserves with cola, turning the town’s clouds into cotton candy, and making a giant candy monster that feed itself to people.

Laura had infiltrated Dr Candy’s lair and stopped her latest experiment and saved some hostages. However, her immediate action to cease Candy’s experiments had caused a small explosion in which Laura had been engulfed in. Feeling fine she sent Candy to jail and brought the citizens back to the police station. After her long day she went home to her apartment relaxing when she didn’t feel hungry she went to sleep. After waking up she saw that she looked 9 months pregnant and light blue, freaked out she put on her superhero uniform and made way to the jail. Meeting Dr candy Laura demanded what happened to her and how to fix it. Laura found out the experimental candy was only meant to immobilize the target, but she couldn’t figure out how to make the juice stop producing. With her pride as a candy maker to not make a faulty product she will aid Laura, with her help they are well on they’re way to find a remedy for Laura.

After exiting the jail her belly was the size of a yoga ball and her breasts the size of cantaloupes. After waddling across the street, she then realized that she wasn’t even using her stretchy powers. She couldn’t flatten herself with that much fluid but could distribute it to other areas. She decided to put it in her ass and breasts, now looking like a heavy hourglass figure Laura stretched her height to match her assets. Now 8ft tall she easily made her way through work as a hero and made her way home. As Laura went to sleep she awoke the next day her skin a darker shade of blue and her bed caved in as her gut was as big as a yoga ball. Having to redistribute her weight and juice she had to stretch herself even further to look normal more taller. Now 15 feet she had to squeeze herself out of her apartment and meet up with the police to see the progress of her antidote. It’s halfway done but research shows that her juice production is speeding up and every time she sleeps her body becomes more in tuned with the juice and doubles production of juice.

Shocked of hearing the news but a little turned on about being bigger Laura continued her optimism and throughout the day she easily took down criminals like nothing but by end of the day she was looking quite chubby. Noticing her juice is producing faster Laura went to superhero hq to sleep and monitor herself. Next morning her stomach was as big as a water bed, and her skin was now violet, immediately redistributing her juice once again making her 32 feet tall. Feeling different this time she saw her flat stomach slowly poking out, realizing a newfound urgency Laura crawled through the window to go outside and find Dr Candy. After finding her she’s nearly done and told to wait a little longer. Now waiting outside her belly now the size of a wrecking ball, Laura then proceeded to enlarge herself again now at 64ft, even right after growing her belly still grows. Slowly gaining foot by foot until she was 100ft tall. However the juice wouldn’t stop coming getting more and more filled eventually her stretching power reached its limit and swelled ten times her size reaching about 1000ft in height looking like a giant purple sphere next to the city. Feeling like an overinflated ballon Laura was wondering if this was going to be the rest of her life until super dude and ultra girl had flown in from space. With their immense powers they squeezed her massive body and juice rained over the city like rain. With everyone inflating from the juice both super heroes went in to help them with super sonic speed. After the incident Dr candy did found a remedy to stop the juice from producing and was sent off to jail with reduced sentence. But laura was too exposed to the juice and permanently absorbed it’s properties with her body staying at 100ft tall, but she didn’t mind as she could inflate her self at will while feeling and absorbing it’s delicious properties, and if she got to big her breasts lactate the juice until she was slimmer again. Although, her juice was clean of infection women gained some curves when drinking it.


    Botcomics Games

    Some of the existing comics that have concluded, for the time being, would probably be fun to play through as games; and some of the suggestions would probably work better as games as well; I know I’ve suggested a few that could work almost good as a game as a

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    Transgender transformation

    Theme and genre of the story: The genre is about gender bender, futanari, gay, physical transformations of the body, magic and biology, the kink in particular that must excite in the story is the perversion of the transformation of the body and mind through a magical element that manipulates biology

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    Cougar Woods

    Carter Arbos wakes up on the floor of an unfamiliar structure he later learns is an elaborate treehouse; he also finds out he’s been turned into anthro puma, better known by the monikers of mountain lion and cougar. He also finds himself very naked with a toned body and a

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    Spells R US: Magic MIrror

    Beth is a 23 year old woman who is unemployed living with her parents after graduating college. She constantly have reoccuring dreams of women with big breasts and somehow the mirror in her room breaks. The next day she stumble across the Spells R Us shop. While there, beth stares

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    Bessy’s Acres Prequel (Clara)

    The prequel will focus on Sammy’s mother Clara at her time on the ranch in 1990 when she was a freshman in college and she meets Bessy’s mother. (Clara implied to Bessy that she used to have a sexual relationship her mother and other things) we will also get to

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    BE SAFE 8008 (Inspired by Fallout)

    “S.A.F.E” stands for “Sexually Aware of Fornication and Experiments.” and “8008” is leet for “BOOB”, in other words TITS. There are 6 Adults that sign up for this experiment who are in thier mid to late 20s (3 men and 3 women) and they enter the safe at an undisclosed

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    Dana’s, No, Scratch That. Didi’s Desire

    Dana Peters has just turned 21 and she has always had a major crush on Dave Benet her next door neighbor. Problem isn’t that Dave’s a bad guy, far from it. Dave is the nicest guy in town. She has always pursued him but he has never seemed to notice

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    The Wants and Wishes of Deena

    Matt was just a normal guy who loved his girlfriend Megan. Megan loved Matt with all her heart, and had a nice body with Double D breasts. Matt’s childhood neighbor Deena was not quite Matt’s cup of tea. She was only a year younger and always doted after him, always

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    Attack of the Giantess InAnimate Objects

    Braden Baum wishes for his furniture, electronics, and other inanimate objects to become humanoid sexy females but backfires when they grow each day bustier and bigger in size. Now when they reach 200 feet and continue to grow they become rampaging giantesses. Idea by braden697

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    Mavis’s Masculine Milkshakes

    A lustful fairy (Mavis) is on a quest to gather as much semen as possible. Visiting her lovers in the middle of the night, she’s able to transform her body into their ultimate desire after a single kiss. Adventuring around the world, she transforms into countless forms: bimbos, futanari, centaurs,

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    FILF (Fossils I’d like to… you know)

    An inventive paleontologist finds a way to revitalize dinosaurs! After placing their bones in his incubator, they’re brought back to life in all their magnificent glory! But there’s a problem with his machine. He must have crossed his wires somewhere along the way. Every dinosaur is transformed into an anthropomorphic

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    Cock Talk

    After a scientific experiment went wrong, Rob is blessed/cursed with a magical dick that can grow and shrink on command… but it also talks to him, often at the most inconvenient times. Directly connected to Rob’s lustful subconscious, his dick happily announces his erotic thoughts and refuses to shut up.

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