Arthur woke up groggy, the last thing he remembered was sharing a drink with Beatrice at her place. He found he was tied to a chair, Beatrice and Viki came into the room he yells at them to untie him but they just gag him and tell him he is just to sit there and listen to them.

They are tired the love triangle relationship the three have been having the past few years with him dating them both on and off. They want him to make a decision on who he wants to be with now or both of them will never see ‘him’ again.

Arthur’s gag is removed and he tries to convince the two girls to free him and that they can’t expect him to make a clear decision under these circumstances. The two girls simply shake their heads, then Beatrice pours a pink liquid over his head. They say they know he’s been stringing them along getting both to perform favors for him to in their competition over him. Both are disgusted not only with him but men in general following his treatment of them.

It was in one of their fights over him they realized how toxic the relationship had become and in consoling each other their hatred of each other had turned to affection towards the only other person who knew their suffering and they were now lovers. The two kiss and begin to disrobe each other at this statement.

Arthur is stunned as the two begin making out in front of him, he is annoyed as his hair begins to obscure his vision, he blows it out of his eyes, the sound brings the girls attention back to him. They are excited to see what is happening, the liquid they tell him was a potion they got from a strange store, their revenge on him, they uncover a mirror and Arthur watches as he is transformed from a man to a woman.

The two now naked watch as Arthurs manhood begins to glow blue, they grab a basin as Arthur begins to cum collecting it in the basin, the more he comes the more female he becomes, as his male identity and virility drains away through his cock, he even looks younger than his thirty five years when it is all finished, he looks mid-twenties at best. They then threaten to impregnate him with his own cum, and laugh at the panicked look on his face, they then use the basins contents to impregnate themselves, the only last thing they wanted from the male him the chance to start a family something they both wanted for years. The cum also seems to make the two mid-thirties women younger back to their early twenties just like him, but they also seem to  gain height and muscle mass becoming not quite butch but very healthy looking women.

Them making him a woman is their way of making sure he can’t do what he did to them to anyone other women. As an added bit of revenge the potion has also made it so that he is only attracted to men. They also admit that even if he had given in to their ultimatum to choose they were still planning to do this and would have rejected his advances, in exchange for the added effect the store owner had them drink a potion themselves and neither of them had any attraction to men anymore as a result.

They release him and he flees out of the apartment, he gets back to his own apartment which he shares with his old friend Jerry, who was always telling him to pick a girl or it would come back to bite him and was always jealous that Arthur could keep two girls like that as his own dating record was dismal.

Arthur goes to Jerry to try and get his help, but the moment his eyes fall on his old friend half naked and asleep something happens, he feels turned on, he feels and gives in to an overpowering urge to pull down Jerry’s underwear and suck his cock. Jerry wakes up and appreciates the view of the attractive Arthuretta giving him head, he figures Arthur brought back and extra girl as he sometimes does for him to have fun with. Not giving Arthuretta the chance to explain the two give in to their urges, when they finish there is a wave of magic that goes out. Following this Jerry remembers Arthuretta as his girlfriend who moved in with him a month ago.

Months later the three women meet at a gym all there to take aquatic exercises, as they change into their swimsuits they discuss how spending a few hours in a pool helps with the back pains their expecting status has given them. Both marvel at how well Arthuretta is bearing up since she is having quintuplets compared to them each carrying twins.

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