A man cheats on his wife with another woman who has bigger breasts. In revenge, she ambushed the woman and sucked her breasts. When she comes home, her husband is amazed at the new bust size and they love each other. However, the woman catches her husband again with a lady who has much larger breasts. As revenge, she sucks the breasts of this woman as well and takes revenge on her husband with her new gigantic bust size. (crush). The sucked women are not dead, just sad that they are now flat as a board. The story could be called something like this. I would be happy if there were more absorption comics in which women breasts or asses of taking on others to be more sexy and attractive until they end up so big they can’t move and men line up to please them, all flat women see them as some kind of queen.

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  1. Can’t say its a bad idea, even if the concept of stealing or exchanging physical traits with someone else isn’t that new of a story concept.

    A lot of wiggle room with this concept.

    Firstly with how the wife is doing this. This could one assumes be placed in the spells r us universe where she gets a magic item from there that lets her do it. Or she could be a witch or some other supernatural creature capable of this the whole time?

    Second, in regards to the flat chested women viewing the main female character as a Queen, I figure the best way to do that would be whatever process that drains them of their cup sizes implants that devotion to her in them at the same time. Sort of like vampires turning their victims into ghouls or subordinate vampires. Perhaps leading to a bit of a plague of women stealing cup sizes from each other.

    Not sure on the aspect of the lead staying with the husband after the first cheating bit, a reason why she would give him a second chance I think needs to be spelled out, especially since now that she has this better figure why she wouldn’t want to trade up to a better perhaps more loyal man. Is the man rich where trading up would be hard? Do they have kids for her to think about?

    Plus how would the woman explain her expanded bust unless part of the aspect of this is there’s a reality shift where everyone thinks she was always that size, because otherwise it leaves the question why the man would cheat again unless his intent all along was to have his wife discover the new affair and drain his latest fling to increase her cup sizes further to satisfy his own lust.

    And if she does leave him would a better revenge then crushing him be that she becomes a sort of plague on him where she sucks dry the breasts of any other woman he tries to date, until no woman will approach him out of fear of the ‘curse’ he seems to carry and he’s left lonely and without any female company.

    Or should this backfire where the lead drains so much her breasts become so massive she loses mobility. Unless she can transfer extra cup sizes she doesn’t need to other women. That could be another way to gain loyal followers, she opens a ‘breast augmentation’ sort of store, advertising ‘all natural way to increase cup sizes’ and those she grants her favors to become her loyal followers.

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