This would follow Janis after her expansion from Spells-R-Us: Pin-Up. 2 different scenarios
A (Peep Show Predicament)
Vengeance Arc: Losing everything a friend takes her in but is secretly recording Janis as she showers changes etc. Janis finds out but rather than confront her friend she finds an item from that fun little shop we all know and love, but all things have a cost what will Janis trade to turn the tables on her friend?
B(Bovine Beauty)
Redemption Arc: Despondent and unwilling to work Janis’s agent sends her out of the city to a B&B in the country. The care takers son takes a liking to her showing all manner of kindness toward Janis but she rebuffs him at every turn, but very slowly is starting to see his kindness. When walking through a small town market the young man happens across a stall (what’s that Spells-R-Us has branches) that offers him a love charm to aid him (think hex bag) he accepts and places it under her bed. Janis’s attitude toward him improves at a shocking fast pace but like her growing affection other things seem to be growing for her as well.
As a show of how much I liked this character here is a tribute image to her.

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Trance-Tory Takeover

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