A boy come in a shop and buy a pen that creates ,tranforms and comand everything he draw on the paper and other surfaces, including himself.
The boy initially use the pen to create a various objects, accidentaly his step-sister enter in his bedroom and watch the magic, but in the same time the boy has the idea of drawing a text on his step-sister for disappear the memory from the magic and leave the room. At this point, the boy try to draw a beutiful woman with huge boobs and huge ass, but he draw the step-sister face and she change her body in the same way of the drawing.In that moment , the boy saw the trasformation of his step-sister and try to comand his step-sister to have sex with him.
During the sex the step-sister changes another times becoming more sexy.


Idea by nico

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  1. This whole concept reminds me a bit of an old kids book “Purple, Green and Yellow” to an extent.

    I can’t help but feel that the twist to this Spells R us product could go one of two ways,
    1) the created item or changes are reversed by getting the item wet therefore washing off the ink
    2) Changes are permanent. even accidental ones which he may want to reverse
    3) the pen runs out of ink at a critical moment leaving the user in a bind in some way, perhaps he was trying to remove someone’s memory, or reverse a change to himself he did to escape capture from someone leaving him in an undesirable state worse then what he started at
    4) the pen is lost or discarded by one of his thralls when it runs out of ink, not knowing the man can replenish the pen with either standard ink or by making another deal with the shop owner.
    5) the pen falls into his someone else’s hands who uses it against him or without his knowledge till the ink runs out then discards the pen or returns to the main seeking more ink thinking he has more

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