Ricky the intern is down on his luck. Stuck in a dead end job for little pay, surrounded by jerky, jocky co-workers, and straddled with balls as blue as the ocean, he’d be forgiven for not smiling in weeks. The only bright spot is his boss, the super sexy Monica, for whom he is the secretary. One day he buys a seemingly harmless mug for her from Spells R Us, and with every drop of coffee drunk from the mug, she grows.

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  1. I can’t help but think that the mug should come packaged and when opened reveal what Ricky and Monica think is a misprint, “Worlds Biggest Boss” rather then Best, or perhaps the wording on the cup keeps changing but only Ricky as the one who purchased it notices the changes to both wording, and Monica as she sips when the changed wording is in effect. That would open up the potential avenues of transformation for this story concept.

    Potential mug wordings I can think of would be

    -worlds biggest boss (size transformation either giantess or just something in general gets bigger, bust, hips, lips etc.)
    -worlds bustiest/ buxom boss (breast expansion)
    -worlds Blowjob boss (lip expansion)
    -worlds beddable boss (increased libido)
    -worlds bodacious /bootylious boss (hip / but growth)
    -worlds bestial boss (furry TF)
    -worlds bawdy Boss (sexy clothing change)
    -worlds besotted Boss (fixates on lead as sexual or romantic partner after seeing after sip)

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