Ok so the idea i have is that theres a hero much like superman well know, heroic, 6’2\”, flying, super strong, ect. so one day there’s a bank robbery he speeds to the recuse but when he gets there the crime has been stopped by a new heroine with similar powers to him but smaller like 5’4\”. then the press come an interview the both of them and by the end she is about 6′. then from there she starts beating the hero to save the day, and with every save she becomes more famous and with fame she becomes stronger, bigger and bolder. So i see it as during the first crime he the hero comes she would basically idolize him but eventually it goes to something like him trying with all his might to stop a meteor from hitting the earth then the girl just catches it like a baseball and asks why he even trys anymore while she flixs him miles away before returning to the city to take credit.

one sinario i thought of is the more someone idealizes her, her power takes some of their soul which gives her more power, then when shes a big american icon her big sister (that im just adding now, I’ll call her shadow to make it simpler) could come back as a rock star from international tour. after the shadow gets back she shows little sis that the little amount of power she takes is nothing by making the bands fans basically into zombie so she can become a bigger giantess the the heroin thought possible.

This just a brain storm of some ideas i thought could be good I said the hero to be like superman, I think the heroin to be a mix between star girl and wonder woman and shadow to be a goth/rocker type with either leather pants, boots, and tank top with jacket or look like superstar candy cane from rumble roses xx.

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