A cute but airheaded teenager (Suzan) scores her very first job at a “tentacle pet shop,” where people can come to purchase their own tentacles and caretaking supplies. With the help of her boss, she learns the basic ropes of the job. But Suzan’s knowledge is suddenly put to the test when her boss has to step out for the day, leaving Suzan in charge all by herself. “It’s simple,” her boss tells her. “Just feed the smaller ones and smile at the customers. Oh! And stay away from Big Blue in the back. He’s, uh… he can be grumpy. I promise to be back before closing.” Suzan dutifully obeys but feels guilty for ignoring Big Blue, the largest tentacle monster in the store. She can’t help but wonder if he’s hungry, watching himself smoosh and tap his tentacles against his tank. Slowly and cautiously, Suzan decides to break the rules and attempt to feed him. But as soon as she opens the tank, he entangles her, pulling her close and penetrating all of her holes. She initially resists, but it feels so good she can’t help but give in, allowing the tentacles to explore and pleasure every inch of her body. It isn’t until she realizes that he’s covering her in some strange kind of mucus that something’s wrong. The disgusting goo is making her whole body tingle… is she… growing bigger?! Why are her boobs so big all of a sudden?! This definitely was *not* in the job description.


Idea by DeLonge

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  1. This sounds amusing; it could be amusing if this shop was in a Fantasy-esque setting, it could help handwave some of the more fantastical elements away, and it could also result in some amusing developments. Maybe Susan isn’t just an airhead, maybe she’s also incapable of using magic and feels jealous of her academically gifted sister who earned scholarships to all the best magic academies there are because of her academic achievements, and Susan is also jealous of her neighbor, who is just as airheaded as her but woke up one day with the natural ability to do magic. But after her experience with Big Blue, not only was her figure enhanced, starting with her boobs but not stopping there, Big Blue also turned her into his devoted Warlock, and most of her spells are tentacle related, and this prompts Susan to share the love as much as possible, after making sure the boss doesn’t learn about the Big Blue debacle and making sure to hide most of what Big Blue did to her. Maybe Big Blue also bumped up Susan’s intelligence a bit as well but made sure to rig it so her airheaded personality is still showing so that Susan can be a better agent of Big Blue. Maybe after a while, with her powers growing, Susan gains the ability to “summon” Big Blue for brief periods of time, and uses this power for a variety of kinky fun times, both in private and with other women so as to expand Big Blue’s influence.

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