Air Pollution

A sportscar releases heavy pollution as it drives through town. Breathing in that exhaust has interesting effects on the locals.


It’s a quiet late fall day and the town is generally quiet and peaceful, save for the sportscar that seems to be wildly careening around corners and generally polluting the air, not just with the noise from its powerful engine. The man driving it doesn’t seem to mind and simply seems clueless that as he revs the engine, the thick exhaust is released and some of the local townsfolk are getting lungfuls of whatever fuel this car is burning.

It isn’t like any other car most have seen, but as they find themselves struggling to caugh or breathe, they also find that more becomes polluted than simply the air. Deeply hidden perverse fantasies unravel, ones no one would consider normal or take action on, and yet the sportscar seems to be releasing more than fumes. The women are perhaps where the biggest change comes, as they find breathing to be a growing challenge, growing in the sense that they literally feel their minds growing dim as their chest begins to tighten with every breath. In the end, a new car dealership may just have a successful start in marketing their product, but the town might never be the same.

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