Bee Stings

Teased about her tiny tits, Julie goes into Entomology. Now she discovers a new species that gives Julie an amazing transformation!


Called ‘Mosquito Bites’ and ‘Bee Stings’ in high school because of her small breasts, Julie Neener becomes a determined college student. Soon she becomes a respected Entomologist. On a mission in Africa with two other scientists, Julie discovers a new species of bee in an abandoned diamond mine. When a group of mercenaries come to claim the mine, chaos erupts causing Julie to be stung. Those stings change Julie into an Amazon with fantastically large breasts!

Official Publisher's Review

The second breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, Bee Stings is a fantastic tale of a determined young woman given extraordinary abilities as a large breasted Amazon! If you enjoyed Milk Blasters, Beelzebabe, Sexual Tension, or well written adult comics in general you will enjoy Bee Stings!

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