Boobpire Resurrection

Boobpire returns from the dead!


The two hungry Boobpires descend upon their prey at a fashion show.  A fashion show is the like a buffet to a Boobpire, as they hunger for the feminine energy that woman emit.  Eager to feed, the lesser Boobpire Olivia prepares to strike.  She is stopped in her tracks by April.  Like a wolf pack alpha, April threatens her creation and asserts that Olivia can just have the scraps. Seconds later the well endowed demon break into the dressing room.  April grabs a model with unnatural speed in the confusion and sinks her fangs deep inside her.  As April drains the model, her supernatural power causes the model’s tits to grow.  Fearing for their lives, the other woman flee, only to be stopped by Olivia.  How will the model’s escape the big titted predators?

Official Publisher's Review

Boobpire returns after a long hiatus. The Boobpire story was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand turned Boobpire into a full fledged series.  The story also includes sexual situations based vampire erotica.  Vampires in popular culture are seen as sexy monsters, as opposed to something like Frankenstein’s monster.  Bo Saget thought that breast expansion will be a perfect twist to throw into the vampire formula we have all come to know. Boobpires have similar qualities to vampires, but the have some differences besides the giant breasts.  Boobpire’s strengths and weaknesses will be explored further a the story progresses amongst the erotic vampire chaos.

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