Brain Drain – Thinking Big

Lindsay Ashford is a bitch who uses men to achieve goals. Her goals are getting bigger thanks to Brain Drain.


Lindsay Ashford is a small town waitress with big ambitions and an even bigger bitchy attitude. She has gotten through life being hyper sexual and using that quality and her carefully maintained body to con men and get what she wants. From frequent college boy toys off the local campus to charming the customers and working herself into a position where she will almost surely take over the diner one day, Lindsay has it all.

Trouble arrives in the form of Katie, a new waitress who not only is taller, bustier, more curvy, and younger, but who steals the attention Lindsay has always prided herself in. This new younger and improved model has Lindsay fuming. But then she finds something very strange on the new waitress’ laptop, a link to a webpage called Brain Drain.

Brain Drain is a site that promises non-medical enhancements, everything a woman could want, and at no monetary cost. The way it works is unbelievable and almost laughable, and the prices are even more so, offering things like increased height or larger breasts at merely the cost of one aspect of the woman’s qualities.

Lindsay Ashford finds herself falling into a shop till she drops mentality as she quickly trades off ambition, self control, morals, and intelligence for looking like she always dreamed and showing up the new waitress competition. The problem is, after it’s all over she will definitely not have dropped and be bigger than her thoughts and goals ever were.

Official Publisher's Review

Brain Drain is a story series from Kris P. Kreme. Featuring a magical if impossible website that offers girls of all ages the magical cure-all they have dreamed about. Want bigger breasts, Brain Drain can help. Need to be taller, Brain Drain has you covered. Any physical change desired can be acquired simply enough and with no messy surgery or expensive prices. But there is a cost.

Lindsay Ashford is the main character in the latest tale from Kris P. Kreme and she immediately is shown as a bitch, and not ashamed of that title. Lindsay is a small-town waitress in her late 30s and not feeling the age at all. She enjoys sex, enjoys using sex as simply another tool to con men and get her way. She has everything a woman could really want and intends on keeping it that way by eventually taking over the restaurant. However, the character of Katie, new waitress and much more gorgeous one, stirs the pot and leads Lindsay to discovering and trying out Brain Drain.

Naturally, things don’t go fully according to plan and Lindsay might just find herself being bigger than her thoughts ever were in Brain Drain: Thinking Big.

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