Bureau of Restructured Anatomy COMIC


In an undisclosed location, in the presence of shadowy government agents, the brilliant chemist Jillian Hoover recounts a tale of jealousy and the great lengths which the shunned scientist will go to get noticed, culminating in her creation of a revolutionary new wonder drug and a radically expanded bust line. However, her desperate actions prove to land her in hot water, with her only life preserver to be that of a strange new profession…


A start of a new series by BE Story Club author SaburoX, the BRA: Interrogation makes use of the author’s fondness for narration laden flashbacks to recount the tale of a brilliant scientist driven to temporary madness from being overlooked by her coworkers. Inspired by such genre classics as “Doctor Hooters” and Government Tit, the BRA: Interrogation sets the stage for future exploits while still delivering a classic story of envy promoting expansion.

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