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Chaos Theory STORY



Everyone has heard of Chaos Theory, that one random act of nature here can affect another random event elsewhere on the planet. But what about people? People are part of nature. What if a bizarre sexual act one place led to another thousands of miles away? And what if the warning signs of that imminent change were as subtle as a directed breeze traveling the jetstream? This is the story of four such events, each unrelated and yet connected. A woman in Los Angeles waits for a light to change so she and the others waiting can cross the street. But more than the light changes, and no one seems much interested in crossing the street. A family of four shops on a humid day in New England, but their purchases seem less interesting than the sudden intense moral bankruptcy they each show as well as the need for a clean up on aisle four. A young couple outside a theater one night find the wind picking up. The girl discovers all too quickly that being thin and a poster girl are not quite all they are cracked up to be. But her boyfriend seems to find it swell. And finally, a couple out on makeout point discover that sometimes stuffing yourself might not be the most responsible act in the world, though it can be fun depending on what you get stuffed with. Random events, or proof that Chaos Theory is at work and the effects are quickly worsening? You decide.

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