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Collider Bundle COMIC


Are you ready to collide with this massive bundle?! Check out the entire Collider Universe and enjoy this amazing growth-filled world of ever-expanding girls, boobs, penises, muscles, and much more!

Get the three series of Collider in just one bundle and travel across the Collider multiverse with our transformative characters, seeing them change not only their reality but also their bodies to the extreme. A total of 3 Series, 160 pages (+3 Covers) + 10 upcoming pages,  jam-packed with all the expansion and growth you love to see. Get ready, fasten your seatbelts, pull down your pants, and dive right into one of BotComics all-time Classics.


This bundle contains the following series:

– Collider (Finished)

– Collider: The BE Particle (Finished)

– Collider: Heist (Ongoing)

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