Doc. Edward’s Miracle Cure

Janet's taken into rehab at Doc Edward's Clinic where she's given a way to break her addiction.


The introduction to Doc Edward’s Miracle Cure.  Janet, a long time drug user, has been put into rehab for her own benefit.  There, she’s given a special sucker that is a better high than she’s ever had.  It even helps make her body healthier, but there are side effects: horniness and absentmindedness.  If what the doctors say is true, she’ll end up a bimbo if she’s not careful.

Official Publisher's Review

The first long series by Fahzbehn and the first written for the Bimbo Story Club, this is the first part of a story that asks if the cure is better than the disease.  This story will start a little darker than some of Fahzbehn’s other work, but the whole thing hinges on Dr. Edward, who’s use of this treatment will ultimately lead to either rebirth, acceptance, or both.  As always, there’s plenty of busty beauties to go around, but be warned, everything is not as it seems.

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