Fun Bags

Friends try to help a guy through his fear of clowns by hiring a breast growing clown stripper!


Luke wants be alone on his birthday, but his best friends throw him a surprise party anyway! Knowing he’s afraid of clowns, they hire him a clown stripper to try and help him through his fear. But this isn’t just any clown stripper… Candy not only does magic and strips, but she can also do a trick to where her boobs grow! Can Candy bring Luke around to realizing that all clowns aren’t bad? Find out in “Fun Bags”

Official Publisher's Review

The hits keep on coming as we’re pleased to bring you the tenth breast expansion series from lauded adult comic writer, TJ Hunter! With “Fun Bags” we follow Luke who comes home from work to discover a surprise birthday party thrown by his two best friends. Wanting to help him get over his fear of clowns they hire Candy a clown stripper much to Luke’s dismay. But Candy is sexy and charming and might prove that clowns aren’t as bad as Luke thinks they are. If you like fun and silly BE stories, give “Fun Bags” a try!

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