Grow World

A little taste of all that we have to offer. Wealthy guests find that what you covet, often covets you.


As this year’s offering for Free Comic Book Day, Grow World draws on the delights of Breast Expansion, Giantess growth, and Bimbofication, as well as limited muscle growth, penis expansion and male shrinking– a little taste of all that the different clubs have to offer. Playing off of similar concepts married couple Jamie and Tim, and rugged adventurer Hector have made their way to Grow World, a medieval themed playground for the wealthy where your desires are your only limitations. Each party is given a remote that can control the physical aspects of any of the Hosts within the park, as well as the guests themselves. Fun and chaos unfolds.

Official Publisher's Review

Please enjoy this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering, a script by the exciting new author Bacchus. The comic literally has something for everyone: a lot of BE, BIM, mini-GTS, but also some FMG, PE, and SM. The comic dabbles with dominance and power play, asking how much one can truly program or control desire. The story also hints at an expanding, possibly cross-club world, ripe for the taking.

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