Growth Competition

Four women, a beachfront property, and tons of growth-inducing toys. Sounds like perfect reality TV?


Are you ready for this year’s hottest reality television show? Growth Goddess is a new entry into the high-octane world of growth competitions. This season’s competition features Kathy (the mousy milf), Cece (the curvaceous club girl), Mei (the Art School dropout), and Selma (a star athlete). Each of these fine ladies is highly motivated.

Chosen from thousands of contestants, will these four women have what it takes to become a true giantess? Hidden throughout the house are various objects to help them in their quest to outgrow everyone and become Queen of the House.

Tune in to find out!

Official Publisher's Review

This comic was created from the Giantess Club Ideas section (so be sure to add your own!). It is a fast and furious, no-holds-barred growth competition. The ladies will play as dirty as they need to, to win. We have breast, ass, leg, and some muscle growth but the main focus is on ladies getting larger–and larger fast! This is in the vein of some older cartoons. Nothing matters but the growth for these ladies, and nothing is going to stand in their way. Be sure to like and comment if you enjoy it!

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