Liberty Bells

Independence Day turns sexy as a mysterious delivery transforms a strip club into a Bimbo festive orgy! Drink responsibly!


When a mysterious package of patriotic whiskey shots is left on the doorstep of a strip club, the women are confused but nonetheless thankful, drinking them down without question. But little do they know that each whiskey shot contains magical ingredients, transforming them all into Independence Day bimbos! The bigger and bustier they become, the better they feel, embracing the holiday the best way they know how– wild, imaginative sex! Filled with patriotic spirit, they bring cheer to the entire strip club, creating a celebratory evening that none of the patrons will ever forget. Happy Independence Day!

Official Publisher's Review

Happy Independence from Botcomics! To bring you all some cheer and celebration, we’re proud to present to you this year’s 4th of July special, fiLiberty Bells! After a mysterious box of whiskey shots is left at a strip club, the performers indulge their thirsty desires, unexpectantly transforming into hyper-proportioned bimbos! Filled with lust and patriotic spirit, they turn the club into an all-out orgy, with powerful bangs and sultry explosions in every direction! From all of us to you, have a happy and safe American holiday!

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