Lecherous Lenny, the Lewdly Lascivious Leprechaun

Lenny the Leprechaun and his new bride Colleen make a wish-granting bet that grows quickly out of hand.


Lenny the Leprechaun is a charming little guy, but with a lecherous side when it comes to human females. He particularly has enjoyed a twisted curse he received when banished from his home. Ordinarily this curse is limited to St. Patrick’s Day but thanks to his new bride Colleen, a former human, now sexy leprechaun babe, Lenny is free to stretch his supernatural perversions on an average summer day in Tralee, New York.

Twins, Brianna and Brandy, as well as their two friends Leslie and Julie, were simply doing what is done every year around this time in the small northern town. As cheerleaders they are throwing the annual charity car wash at the local church parking lot off Main Street. However, unseen up above, Lenny watches from the bell tower and has devious thoughts. They may as well have remained thoughts until Colleen suggests a challenge. Each of the leprechauns will grant a wish. Whichever wish is more perverse and twisted, throwing the lives of these four girls into more chaos wins.

Even Lenny is impressed by Colleen’s twisted take on one of the girl’s wish, but the lovely redheaded leprechaun bride never anticipates just how big her hubby is when it comes to perversions. Needless to say, all of New York will soon see that Tralee might be a small town, but it has some big kinks and even larger cheerleaders.

Official Publisher's Review

Kris P. Kreme brings another of his characters to life in the form of lecherous Lenny the Leprechaun and his new bride Colleen. Straight from legend to reality, Lenny is a leprechaun whose trickster ways are only second to his perverse fascination with the female form. Even his bride Colleen was a simple average girl before wishing to know what it was like being a leprechaun. Now she is his bride and equal in perversions to him. However, she might not be equal when it comes to using her leprechaun powers.

That is the plot and set up of Lecherous Lenny, the Lascivious Leprechaun. The two main characters are simply hiding out, having lived a few weeks in a church bell tower of a small unheard of New York town. That is until the local senior cheerleaders, all four of them, participate in an annual charity car wash. While the girls may not be great at cleaning the cars, they clearly are good at drawing in the male attention as it seems practically every male of all ages has lined up to see the mostly bikini-clad teens soaping and playfully washing. Now things might be going farther than any of the girls ever intended, especially poor Brianna who only wished to get this day over with and give everyone what they wanted.

Thanks to Lenny and Colleen working interesting magic, the girls definitely leave everyone satisfied and rise to new heights in such a small town. The imagery is vivid and twisted as with many stories in this style by this author, but even the characters are impressed with how far things go on this sunny day in a rather subdued location.

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