Making it Big on Broadway

After an encounter in the subway, one young woman finds her dreams of making it big on Broadway coming true.


Paige Macintosh is a typical young woman, sweet, intelligent, with an artistic personality and a creative streak that shows through not just in her actions and kindness but in her clothing she wears. Anyone can see that Paige is someone with big dreams and one mysterious figure next to her on the subway platform one day is going to help her see those dreams in a whole new light.

The man is older, strangely out of place seeming and yet someone many might simply walk by with no special attention paid. He carries a cane which has unusual markings on it, about the only thing about him that stands out besides his piercing and oddly sinister eyes. He has a brief but pleasant conversation with Paige and that is that. Everything seems normal, even after a brief frustration entering her train.

Soon, things are changing for Paige, and what begins as only a slight disorientation and then complete loosening of inhibitions, continues into a growth spurt that seems to know no end and takes Paige on a literal trip along Broadway causing one chaotic mess after another, being the object of so many adoring fans and frightened New Yorkers. As the bizarre becomes even more bizarre, only a surprise ending can finish off Paige Macintosh and her literal rise to fame on Broadway and off.

Official Publisher's Review

In a stylish twist on any number of New York City references, Kris P. Kreme takes readers on a rather quick and thrilling romp through the day in the life of Paige Macintosh, a young woman whose creative streak has always led to bigger things. Big is the operative word for Paige this day as she experiences a chance encounter with a mysterious man whose name is never fully given, and what is known about him seems strangely off.

The chance encounter is how it begins, mystery remaining up until the end of what happens and whether it is all real or merely an illusion that takes place in Paige’s mind. Either way, the journey to the end is one full of memorable moments, scenes where just when the humor seems to have had a final moment, something new pops up, just when the heights seem to have been reached in how far the story can go, a new twist presents itself.

The characters are limited in number, allowing Paige to shine as the main figure, one the reader literally steps into as they take this fun trip into her bizarre day. Supporting characters come and go, sometimes literally, and the twists continue up to the very end where a classic Kreme twist that can’t be revealed throws the entire story into a new light.

Lacking only a big musical number, Making it Big on Broadway is a performance the readers won’t soon forget.

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