One Giant Leap

A new planet shows three explorers that the moon was one giant leap, but this is something much bigger.


The mission was planned and the crew was specifically chosen for the skills they each bring. The rocket soared through space for nine months, venturing farther than man has ever gone before all in the hopes of reaching the next potential earth, a planet that while massive in scale, holds the essential elements for sustaining life. After landing, all three members of the crew begin experiencing something unexplained, but Major Lesley Barnes, ship’s medical officer really gets the most from this planet, in more than a few ways. She always knew it would be a fulfilling and life-altering mission. She just never imagined it also would be quite literally a filling mission. She isn’t worried though. Lesley has two big strong men ready to give a growing girl a good time, but will they be able to handle what she grows into, or will the natives of this planet prove more helpful?

Official Publisher's Review

Journeying into the distant reaches of space, this Kris P. Kreme tale takes the genre to new heights and astronomical proportions. The plot, a mission for all mankind that will travel to, study, and hopefully bring back news of a new planet with more than enough room for population. The characters, three varied crew members who each have their own skills and personality quirks but work together like old friends. But siomething strange happens upon reaching this mystery planet dubbed GNT-S 69. Something is seen from above, in orbit. Are there people on this planet? If so, why do they look so large and animal-like? Only a landing and exploration can tell for sure. It’s Lesley Barnes, medical officer and universally attractive female crew member, who first notices the changes. Without giving the plot or twist at the end away, let’s just say that Mankind does indeed rise to new heights here, but Womankind rises much higher, and the results are quite extreme and pleasing for the reader and Lesley alike.

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