Going Green


Every summer, it’s a tradition for Doug’s family to get together at a remote vacation home– but this year, things turned out differently. With everyone else in their family too busy to attend, it’s just Doug and his step aunt Veronica, this time around with the whole place to themselves. All. Alone. Sure, it’s a little weird for it to be just the two of them, but they try and make the best of it.

To make matters worse, a bizarre alien plant crashlands outside, and everything changes. Normality flies out the window. Veronica will quickly discover that curiosity is a powerful thing, and through her naivety, she transforms into a hormonal creature without inhibition. Adorned with powerful green skin, a large bust, and unlimited lust, her mind is no longer under her control.

Official Publisher's Review

From BotComics comes a new erotic story, full of breast expansion, milf growth, muscle growth, penis expansion and more!

It’s a tradition for Doug’s family to get together every year at their vacation home, but with everyone swamped with work this time around, it seems that it’s just going to be him and his seemingly innocent step aunt, Veronica. Together, the two of them will have the whole place to themselves. Sure, they do their best to ignore the awkwardness of being alone together. That is– until the impossible happens. An extraterrestrial plant crashlands outside their vacation home. After Veronica has an accidental and naive encounter with it, she finds herself transforming into an entirely new species, tall and powerful, with green skin, a knockout figure and incredible strength. Gone is the woman she once knew, no longer inhibited by morality.

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