Tales from the Kreme: Urban Legends

A titillating trilogy of expansion and terror! Do you dare to cum into the Kreme's crypt?


The traditional fear comics of the 1950s, the ones with torrid tales and twisted endings have nothing on the Kreme Vault. Visit with the Kreme Keeper, a mysterious and frightening fellow who maintains the bubbling vats of molten Kreme, each one representing a tale to tell. In this trilogy of titillating terror, visit the following short but stacked stories:

– A school where three senior girls (+18) discover that the urban legend told about an old water fountain on the third floor might just be less of a legend than they think. Witness, as they discover just how suddenly popular they can be after making a twisted and misspoken wish for something they’ve never had before.

– Sit in on the sidelines as two soccer moms battle the heat and their own desires to be a bit younger and fuller figured. They certainly find a way of getting some fresh air to relieve their inner heat.

– Finally, go on a ride-along with Officer Jena Wheeler who in her first week on the force of a small town. She finds herself busting open a bigger case than she expected.

Official Publisher's Review

Urban legends are tales no one thinks really happened and yet everyone always wonders what if they were true. In this trilogy told by the Kreme Keeper, see which ones you most wish were real, but be careful as the Kreme Keeper always has more vats of Kreme to spin into glazed stories.

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