The Story of B

To please a boyfriend, Bethany goes under the tutelage of a mysterious, sadistic man to take control of her gift.


While not completely based on The Story of O, this is something of a BE adaptation. The story shapes BE as the perfect implementation of submission, a woman literally growing larger breasts on command of her master. But it is also a tale of self discovery and ownership of ones sexuality. It is difficult to see where the line is drawn in Bethany’s mind, and how much she consciously understands her own capabilities and needs. It is also a degree of suspended disbelief when it comes to the evolving relationship Stephen, Harrison and Bethany share. As it is the first story the author has completed for the BE Story Club, it still has lingering hints of fetishes beyond breast expansion, but the discipline scenes do not go to the extent that it might turn off those less inclined. It certainly could have used more breast expansion within the first chapter, although it is much more prevalent as the story continues.

Official Publisher's Review

In this playful homage to the bondage focused Story of O, Bethany, a young and mousy art dealer, has a extraordinary, albeit uncontrollable, gift to grow those around her when she becomes embarrassed. She is teased at work for her prudishness and often ignored at home by her boyfriend, Harrison. She knows she has the tools to be more. The only problem is, her bust-enhancing abilities only seem to work on everyone except her. Enter Stephen, a mysterious and suave man, who says he can teach her to harness her gift and use it on herself. Willing to do anything to please her boyfriend she eagerly looks to learn from the man. It’s just his teaching methods might be a little bit…. extreme. What started out as a way to please her boyfriend may turn into a way of pleasing herself, as Bethany begins to transform into her alter ego B.

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