The Freshman’s Fifteen STORY


Melinda is heading off to college and it’s a big time in her life. She has always been very focused on her goals and one of those goals is to not fall prey to the infamous Freshman Fifteen. She is nowhere near overweight but the worry consumes her as the date of moving draws ever closer. Only after her annoying younger brother pushes her buttons one night at dinner, does Melinda take the leap and purchase some vitamins that promise to help her avoid gaining unsightly weight. Of course, she still ends up gaining weight, along with some vivid dreams, but that weight is far from unsightly. With a roommate who gives slutty a new meaning, and the stresses of the dreams becoming more and more concerning, Melinda is finding college to be a much more literal time of personal growth than she could have expected. By the end of her first semester, Melinda may not have gained any unsightly pounds, but in at least two places she has gained pounds she is eager to show off and use.

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